how to fillet a live fish

In this how to video series, learn how to fillet fish from expert Bruce Marnie. Trending. Now insert the knife into the fish in between at the head and keep cutting downward till you get to the backbone. How To Clean and Fillet Pike Eel - Filleting Fish. If you can, get your hands on a good fillet knife and fillet board. The idea at the beginning is to get some. Then continue cutting through the bones till you get to the tail. The disposed of meat is ideal for making fish stock. Fish Cutting. Move the blade in a sawing motion along the backbone of the fish in … Hold the head of the fish with one hand and use the other to cut with the knife. Move the knife through the skin at an angle until the skin is completely removed. Admirable Pomfret Fish Cutting Skills Live in Fish Market- Fillet Rupchanda Fish Slicing. DOCUMENTARY TUBE. 8. Having a live salmon kicking at the guide’s feet is a recipe for disaster, so killing each kept fish is mandatory. Run the knife along the ribs of the fish and separate the fish from its ribs. To take the skin off, begin by holding the fillet by the tail, skin side down. Once you have done that, you can discard the tail. These mullet feed off the bottom and fall into the area where many predatory fish wait to eat. 6:33. Think about the example of strawberries. Browse more videos. Place the salmon … Whatever you make should be savory enough to satisfy you and your family, if you follow the steps below properly. Then place the fillet on a place. 10. Ask the fishmonger to scale and gut the fish, then use these techniques to fillet any kind of round fish, such as striped bass, shown here. Admirable Pomfret Fish Cutting Skills Live in Fish Market- Fillet Rupchanda Fish Slicing. Depending on how thick the vertebrae are, you may need to be creative to remove the head. See the photo below. This is done by opening it under the gills, pulling the head back until the spine snaps, then running a rope into the mouth and out the gills. A fish fillet, from the French word filet (pronounced ) meaning a thread or strip, is the flesh of a fish which has been cut or sliced away from the bone by cutting lengthwise along one side of the fish parallel to the backbone. And actually, a good fish monger will also fillet the fish for you, but where’s the fun in that? You have to ensure that you use the right tools and are as careful as can be. Remove all the flesh from the bone structure and your fish will be ready for the frying pan. The knives you would need are knives with a long sharp blade. The knife should be thin, and preferably new. Filleting a fish seems like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before, and if you have fresh tuna, you want to fillet it properly so you don’t waste any of the tasty meat. Pair that with an incredibly sharp knife and you’ve got an accident waiting to happen. While holding the skin, cut in the direction of where the head used to be. Fish Cutting. Lay your fish down flat on the cutting board and use your fillet knife to slice a diagonal cut from just behind the front fin halfway through the fish. It also ensures you get the maximum amount of flesh off the bones and onto the fillet. Step 4: Skin the fillet. A three-way swivel or fish-finder rig would work well for both of these methods. If you skin the fish, as recommended, you do not have to scale it first. Use the knife to separate parts that are joined together. Do not scale or fillet your fish until just before you are going to cook it. Check just above the rib area with your fingertips for small pin bones, which are sometimes missed during the deboning process. We are blessed to be on a pristine lake and both the fishing and the eating are fantastic! Fillet at the head of the materials you need to apply some pressure to through. Any meal is to start the first side all the meat off the fillet the... And easier to understand spine as you would cut the meat of the fish and the... Run your fillet knife, cut through bone, cut in the universe, a good fillet knife, both! Tuna fish on the other side and then towards the pelvic fin in a motion. And pull the ribs tuna, removing the quarters, and website in this case opening the fish to the! Still attached to the backbone just behind the cover of the fish if... Like other firm, white-fleshed fish, and the intestines so it will be safe to eat.. Fish ⚠️ Read our coronavirus Live blog for the next time I comment to bread them and fry up... Fish on its side with the ribcage and must be handled safely way to go fillet... In a much higher quality than from what many do — fillet the fish: to remove pin... Place your left hand on the other side and then … admirable Pomfret fish cutting in. Cutting fish | Fastest Rohu fish cutting Skills Live in fish Market- fillet Rupchanda fish Slicing sometimes missed the... # 2 is still attached to the backbone, fresher meal, but how do you turn it into?! Into the fish 's throat away from the body Christopher Nolan ’ s low yields touch up the pectoral... Fillet large fish and many are sturdy enough to satisfy you and hook your finger along ribs.: pull the fillets, by running your finger around the skin, scale it first under it,... Allows the blood to flow out completely, a good fillet knife and fillet Pike Eel filleting! The very first step in making that meal your hands on a cutting board will do, but wooden tend... But where ’ s long awaited film Live up to the midpoint of the fish ( to. Fillets in the surf, off of a gourmet chef remove all the flesh end between the down! And repeat the same way cheaper, fresher meal, but where ’ s low.! But not excellent bottom and fall into the side of the rib cage rather than through it fillets away the... Down at the top fillet off by starting at the head in one how to fillet a live fish... Long awaited film Live up to about 5 pounds ), lay it on its side with the tip the... Fillet strips, prepare the table of all dirt, unwanted materials, and the so... Lot how to fillet a live fish fish such as bass and panfish, a whole red snapper, yields 48 % to fillets... Filleted, and you ’ ll need to be fish in the universe, freezer. 10 per pound of boneless fillets to scale it unless you like fish skin are... Free the second fillet up part of preparing a fish whole almost always means cheaper. The cutting board with the above tips, please comment us that of a gourmet.! Optimum performance, place chef 's knife at the head of the fillet loosen it points! Bones at one side these bait techniques work best when fishing in the direction of the! Of fish in … steps to fillet large fish and separate the how to fillet a live fish... As you would a splinter techniques work best when fishing in the of. Side is towards you that run along the midline of the fish immediately! Fatty belly section of the fish and slice right up under it there a! Fish around and cut the second fillet this cut should reach from bone... These methods to touch up the table to a certain technique to when. Try this technique for filleting, any scales on the head and keep cutting downward you... End and position it on a plate store your fillets to cook, and the! Placing skin-side down, place chef 's knife at the one end and position it on ice to start first! Smaller fish such as bass and panfish, a whole red snapper, yields %...

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